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Very reflective, it evokes emotion extremely well. I really appreciate how you combined, 3 pieces into this one. Transition is very smooth. I wouldn't have realized what you did, although I certainly recognize the different sections.

John Lennon often wrote many 'bits' (sections of a song, he never finished) as he called them. They were ideas of a song, somewhat fleshed out in cohesiveness of lyrics, melody, chords. He would save them in a notebook. And when working on a song, would use some of them. This technique, just as effectively used in your piece; brought variety, almost another 'viewpoint' in the song. And in the process of combining them, you had the experience to make them flow together very well.

I too had to listen to this several times to your song to 'get it all'. It made an excellent impression first time, then each further listening, I got the depth of the parts, and your expertise in combining them to flow like it came out of you all in one sitting.

One year ago, I met this very successful composer of movie music at a music workshop. I never learnt what music college she went to. But they very strongly stressed it was the composer/arranger's main focus to 'manipulate emotions' in movie music. I had never thought of music that way.. I realized music could 'elicit' emotions in listeners. I never consciously aware of purposely, pulling an emotion out of a listener. I didn't quite like the idea of a composer/arranger 'manipulating' my emotional response.

You 'coaxed' emotions, memories associated with them (at least for me).. Exquisitely, yet subtlety done.. Great work.

Good to see you back here.
I like the way you talk about the points you find interesting
and enlarge the talk about other relevant subjects.

Combining the 3 improvisations was the most interesting part for me.
I'm glad to hear that I accomplished it well.

I also have lots of beginnings of improvisations that keep
waiting for the right opportunity to be used.
Most of them are only a few bars but have a main
idea, theme or some other feature I came up with.

As I already mentioned in one of my other threads,
I don't plan any of my compositions.
They are what they are as they were 'born', 'grew up'
and developed.
I also don't have any thoughts in mind when improvising.
I just express my own feelings and emotions of that specific
moment, and of course they may evoke different
emotions in the listener.

Thanks for listening!

~ Yudit ~