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Topic: Creative vs. Terratec?

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    Creative vs. Terratec?

    I\'m planning to buy a new soundcard.
    The use of this soundcard is mainly for hd-recording.
    I know you have a Creative audigy card and a similar card from Terratec.

    Wich card is best suited for hd-recording?

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    Re: Creative vs. Terratec?

    I\'m not familiar with the audigy card, but a friend of mine recenlty put together a Giga setup for his studio. When I tried to record a Giga track, he was unable to get audio from the card (although S/PDIF supposedly worked fine, he was unable to monitor thru his Yamaha 03D. I\'ve since learned that the audio out on the Terratec EWS88MT expects DirectSound out, which has been disabled under XP. I had been about to buy the card myself, but gave up the idea.

    You didn\'t specify how you plan to record, so it\'s hard to recommend alternatives. Some options: Echo Mia, M-Audio 1010LT, Frontier Wavecenter/PCI, etc.

    Good luck.


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    Re: Creative vs. Terratec?

    If you want to use Gigastudio, and you are running Windows XP or 2000, the soundcard you choose MUST have GSIF support. This is how Gigastudio communicates with Windows and other apps. Audigy has no GSIF driver. Not all Terratec cards have a GSIF driver.

    If you want to run more than one audio application through your soundcard at the same time, your soundcard must have multiclient ability.

    If you\'re looking at something less expensive, perhaps check out:
    As well as supporting GSIF, ASIO2 and direct input monitoring, most of their cards (eg DPS24 value etc.,) are multiclient as of V6 software.

    I\'ve never used one. They just seem to be good bang for the buck.

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