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Topic: Changing Bank in Finale

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    Changing Bank in Finale

    Does anyone know how I make the bank changes work in Finale? My giga template I have made extends onto a 2nd bank, and see where I can put the bank change info, but it doesn\'t actually change it. There are several bank change methods, Bank Select 0, or 32, or a combination thereof. I thought I tried them all, but still no success.

    Any thoughts on how I can get this to work?

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    Re: Changing Bank in Finale

    I create non-printing staff expressions for all Bank and Patch changes. MOD and other CCs also.

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    Re: Changing Bank in Finale

    That\'s not the issue at all -- the bank changes don\'t work. I can\'t get it to change the bank when I put in a bank change.

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