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Topic: Theme & 6 variations for piano solo, Op.17

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    Theme & 6 variations for piano solo, Op.17

    New work. Theme with 6 variations for piano solo.
    As always only with Overture, PianoTeq: Blüthner and Altiverb.





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    Raymond Robijns
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    Re: Theme & 6 variations for piano solo, Op.17

    Just great. All of it. If I could suggest something:
    In general, fitting for the style of music and your playing,your fingers are precise and heavy, and I understand your choice. But on the 3rd, if you agree, you could lighten your touch of the keys, something like you do in the Coda, it is in the middle of the piece and could benefit from this, (and also this is my favored one).
    Congratulation and admiration


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    Re: Theme & 6 variations for piano solo, Op.17

    Hi Raymond,

    We both have a musical neighbour... Mine is a Dutch composer who is very talented at writing delightful and very professional piano scores such as these variations.
    Not that it matters, but I prefer the 4th one.
    All the variations are of a marvellous musical and technical quality with a high standard 'realisability'. Your mastery of the keyboard is legendary, although you don't play that much anymore. But your past skills must have been enormous to be able to write such rich and thoughtful music. Every single variation stands on its own as a complete piece and at the same time, all six complete each other in different styles, techniques and moods.

    Really wonderfully done! I once more hope that a talented pianist will pick up this piece to perform it live.

    Thanks for sharing,

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    Re: Theme & 6 variations for piano solo, Op.17

    I liked these variations, composition-wise. Shame that dynamics are really dull and flat, as are the tempos. One can easily tell that these came out of a notation program. I - though - also use Overture, I know what it is capable of.
    My humble suggestion is to rework them, as it is very tiring to listen to your otherwise very interesting pieces.
    I do think that the piano brings the best out of your composing skills.


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