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Topic: Ghosts and trolls....

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    Ghosts and trolls....

    Weel, I had promised a guaranteed LOL... and there I come.

    So, Ghosts and trolls.


    Pop doesn't get much love in this place, but there is most certainly some good pop.
    One of my myths growing up was Prince. Apart from his wide, wide range of talents, I was sincerely amazed by the fact that - on some of his albums - he would play most of the instruments by himself, and was indeed an incredible musician (and one of the very best guitarists I ever listened to). So.... "play all tracks", let's stick to this.

    Ghost #2

    Cathy. Emily Bronte's Cathy, from Wuthering Heights.
    We were chatting with a friend and Kate Bush's "Wuthering heights" came up. She challenged me at doing a cover with the violin in the lead. If there's something that I really hate is the violin replacing vocals, it really sounds depressing notwithstanding the fact that it is such an expressive intrument. So, I reject the challenge in the first place.
    ... later on, I thought "why can't I just sing that?". Told you this was going to be funny.. I mean, a man singing "Heathcliff, I am Cathy, open that window" , plus... a man with MY voice ....
    Anyway, Wuthering Heights, great song with an amazing Kate Bush, impeccably recorded with Kate's weird voice and visual interpretation, a great bass line by John Giblin and a topping smashing final guitar solo by Ian Bairnson (Alan Parsons Project).
    This had to be a quicky: I found a midi file of the song and grabbed the drum part (this is allowed by the "rules"). Then I studied the arrangement: let's ditch all rings, bells and synths and let's go for a classical triangle drums, bass and piano: a "Wuthering heights" with a "Babooshka" sound. Then I summoned my band:

    Drummer: Kontakt Abbey road '60s
    Piano: CFX played live by ...Me
    Fretless bass: Played live by ...Me
    Vocals: my throat played live by ...Me
    Lead guitar :... aheem, again played live by ...Me

    We've got to name this band.



    .... mmmmhh...

    The "inSULTAN(t)S of Swing"!
    This not only has to be the perfect name, but I am pretty sure it is (almost) on par with Mr. Larry's amazingly humoristic song titles.

    So, I picked bass & guitar parts by ear, piano is half read on the score of the midi file and half improvised on the go (I would not memorize the part on such a "short notice"). A couple of days to get everything recorded.... plus a week to indefinitely try to re-record my voice to make it seem less ridiculous. Mission impossible, that is. But hey, this is for fun, who cares!

    So, here we go. Ghosts and trolls!


    Right, the trolls! What about them? Well, if this is not the absolute best way to TROLL MYSELF then I don' t know what this is!

    And here's the file:


    Gosh, how am I going to survive this ...

    Have a nice day everyone.


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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    You will probably not believe, but what I enjoyed most is your voice. I wish you could record something more relaxed, you have a lovely voice, would love to hear it. With my romantic taste, you understand that this music does not present enjoyment for me, but your singing does. Do it, please.


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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    Hello, Ted.

    Yep, I confirm that I do not believe you
    My voice??? Come on ... this was just a joke. I never sing and you can easily tell that I have no clue, one can easily spot when I run out of breath or simply can not keep it together. Intonation is not that bad but I was lucky not to encounter any really tricky notes out of my poor range....

    Damn! Yesterday at training I jammed two more fingers! Nothing serious this time.... but that' ll still mean at least a couple of weeks without musical instruments. I really, really have to think about quitting basketball. I am getting too old for this...

    Thanks for showing up!



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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    Gosh, how am I going to survive this .

    You will, I am sure. Strange piece but made rather attractive by your voice. And please, quit basketball.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    Quitting basketball?

    Raymond, I have reasons to believe that my wife violated your northernsounds account. You might want to check this out...

    Ok, I know you are both right. I'll think about it.

    The problem is that good old Plato, in "The Republic", assumed that men need to properly train body and soul through sports and music. Also, sports and music help shaping the dual qualities of one's spirit.
    I am simply trying to follow his teachings

    Have a nice day,


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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    Hi Fab,

    While listening, I had to smile many times. It's a very good 'persiflage' of the original (Kate Bush?) song. And indeed, your voice has something special. Missed career? Never too late for a restart...

    One reason for that smile was the inverted order of singer (= soloist) and accompaniment. In the room, the singer sits/stands behind the orchestra. Luckily the voice is more than powerful enough.
    The second reason: very different reverbs for singer and orchestra (in 2 separate rooms?).

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed it for sure!

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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    I would not call this a "persiflage", Jos. It is a "cover". When I refer to this as a "joke" I only stress my not-so-serious intents, being very well aware that I am no more than an average, hobbyist musician.

    The "reverse" mixing is mostly a "psychological" approach, I simply put up front the instruments I am more confident with.

    What a deja vu. My last appearance in this place was on April, 23, 2017. We were having an incomprehension regarding... reverb and its application, during a rather superfluous conversation. The same day I ended up with a severely broken hand. I still bear the consequences of that injury.
    I am most certainly not supertitious... but I prefer not to test my chances this time around.

    Thanks for stepping by.


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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    Quote Originally Posted by sec2 View Post
    I would not call this a "persiflage", Jos. It is a "cover". Fab
    Well maybe this wasn't the best choice of words. English is not my mother tongue... And don't bother about the orchestral depth, such things are in most cases a personal choice, which seems to be so here.


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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    It sounds like you had fun putting this together. It reminds a little of the feel of the David Bowie Hunky Dory album.


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    Re: Ghosts and trolls....

    Phil you did put a smile on my face, I admit. David Bowie is one hell of a charismatic artist.
    Of course you are just being polite, but your comment is indeed pleasant. I was not familiar with Hunky Dory, I did only remember "Life on Mars". ... I might just attempt a cover. We, the "insultants of swing" do have what it takes

    Fun? Well... imagine a Clavinova against a wall, a piano bench, a computer screen behind it, a stand with guitars and basses on the side and lots of cables all over the place. I would just play the piano, then turn 180 degrees on that bench, grab a bass, then a mic that unfortunately caught into the bass cable together with my ankle... then put the bass in its place and grab a guitar.... where the hell I put my GUITAR PICK!!! Yes, LOT of fun.

    Thanks for showing up.


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