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Topic: IRQs and sound card with GS

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    Re: IRQs and sound card with GS

    Cleverly responding to my own question: Ive got an Intel CC820 mobo with 5 PCI slots and just the one sound card. I want to get the card assigned alone to IRQ 5 cause sure enough, I read now that my card and my USB device on the same IRQ are the likely cause of my periodic static.

    But - this mobo assigns IRQs by some sort of auto default to either IRQ 9, 10, or 11, according to Intels website.

    Is there anything more scientific to do than just move the card around among slots? I read a Dave Casey post once that said if you want a shortcut, just disable your conflicting USB controller - which I, unfortunately, use.

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    IRQs and sound card with GS

    My soundcard (Terratec EWX 2496) in my Win98se PC sometimes breaks out with a steady static, crackle sound while I\'m using GS96 instruments.

    I notice now that my sound card does share an IRQ - my system looks like this for IRQ number 9:

    9 EWX 2496 (my sound card)
    9 Intel 828011AA USB Universal Host Controller
    9 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
    9 SCI IRQ Used by ACPI bus

    And, miraculously, I do have ONE free IRQ - number 5. Unfortunately, System Properties says I cannot reassign the device when I try to reassign the EWX2496 to IRQ 5 the simple, software way. THANKS for any suggestions.

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    Re: IRQs and sound card with GS

    From Intel...

    Hello John,

    Thank you for contacting Intel(R) Technical Support.

    To try and troubleshoot your issue, I suggest you try the following: Remove all add-in cards, then test placing the sound card in different PCI slots, if the problem is not corrected we strongly recommend contacting Microsoft* for further assistance as IRQ addresses are automatically assigned by the operating system.

    Sincerely yours,
    Roberto G.

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    Re: IRQs and sound card with GS

    One thing you could do is upgrade to WinXP, since I believe your sound card is GSIF compatible with WinXP. Once you\'ve upgraded, you change your ACPI Computer mode in Control Panel -> System to \"Standard PC.\" This puts it in what\'s called PC mode, and the resources are now controlled by your motherboard, and no longer by Windows XP itself. Then, everything will be assigned it\'s own IRQ, and your problem should go away.

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    Re: IRQs and sound card with GS

    Thanks, Chad, for this good suggestion. I finally have time to get under the hood this evening and try moving the darned card around.

    If this doesnt work now Ive learned about going to XP or just disabling the darned USB controller that is interfering. Thanks, LFE

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