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Topic: OT: Best/Easiest way to network Giga & Mac

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    OT: Best/Easiest way to network Giga & Mac

    Hello all. As topic indicates I\'d like to be able to exchange gigs & other audio between my mac & giga PC. I know very little about networking (esp. on PC) The 2 computers are hooked to an ehernet hub for internet access, but I have had no luck in getting any kind of file exchange happening. If any of you have done this I\'d love to know how, what addn\'l software needed, etc. If possible, I really want to avoid putting any software on the giga machine, it\'s pretty stable now, don\'t want to mess it up. Any thoughts appreciated.


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    Re: OT: Best/Easiest way to network Giga & Mac

    hey Steve,
    How are you?
    Somewhere on this forum recently someone indicated that a mac running OSX will automatically find a networked PC; port over your files etc then switch back to OS9.
    Hope that helps.


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    Re: OT: Best/Easiest way to network Giga & Mac

    I solved this problem with OS X 10.2. It works like a total dream! Seamless! I copied my entire giga library over to my mac for the EXS24, then rebooted in 9.2.2.
    Keep in mind, this ONLY works with 10.2. Earlier versions of OSX don\'t do this.

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