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Topic: Don't forget to remember

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    Don\'t forget to remember

    I send this mail to the vlist and giga list...
    I apologize if you see it too often...
    I guess I am one of the only Israelies on this list.
    I would like to express to all of you Americans,
    my love and condolence.
    We are DeeplY shocked here. Mourning with you.
    I cannot make music in the last few days.
    I hope that the world will understand now that the same muslem
    suicider that blows himself in front of a crowded dance club in Tel
    is growing up to fly an airoplane into the heart of the
    world symbol of democracy.
    Its years that we feel that the world does not understand the enemy
    Israel is facing.
    Children are dancing in the streets of Gaza while their leader is
    playing himself \"shocked\" while sending another suicider and another.
    music mail-list.
    But I just had to get it out so I can strat making music again.

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    Re: Don\'t forget to remember

    I do not think this is the proper place for such an statement.

    But I do feel very much for all the people who died in the recent events. My heart goes out to all of them. However I do not think your statement is completly fair. It is not only Israel facing these problems. At least Israel has a country, which cannot be said for the people from Palestina.

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    Re: Don\'t forget to remember

    As I said
    This was not a political statement
    This is not the place.
    And I do think my statem,ent is COMPLETELY FAIR.

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    Re: Don\'t forget to remember

    I don\'t buy it.

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    Re: Don\'t forget to remember

    I don\'t buy it either... you\'re both to blame! Like two kids in a playground squabbling over sweeties. ANYWAY! Not the time nor the place. MUSIC!

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    Re: Don\'t forget to remember

    Its OK folks. Don\'t buy it.
    We are used to be blamed... for over 2000
    Dont buy it. Its OK.
    Now.. MUSIC and Sympathy.

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    Re: Don\'t forget to remember

    It amuses and saddens me why and how so many people get killed and maimed purely because a bunch of dumb humans (and I\'m referring collectively to most of the human race here) decide that a \'piece of land\' belongs to them. It\'s all rather amusing (in a sick way) considering the gaza string, jerusalem etc. was probably underneath the earth\'s mantle 65 million years ago with dinosaurs roaming over it... and yet it is apparently god\'s holy land... hmm... perhaps I should wander down K-Mart and demand the same from checkout #3 which I have suddenly decreed to be holy ground
    Ah well - as soon as we evolve away from religion, the better the human race will become... after all, we don\'t believe that lightening is \'god\'s wrath\' anymore... it\'s just a logical extension...
    God - I\'m opinionated...

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