i was just catching up on posts. My main computer is away on repair, and I only have this old slow laptop. I have NEVER been to a website before, where the music uploads, are quality work, with a lot of thought put into them. And the rest of us, really listen, and give good feedback. Everyone here is pretty accomplished in their specific genre

Almost all other sites, music upload quality varies widely, to some really good, then vary degrees of mediocrity to slop.
People don't both to get rid of bad notes, fluffed chords, or else they feel good, about post 6 pieces at a time.Most people respond with one of six standard generic answers, one word replies, 'great'.

And when some one has a constructive point to make, everyone is polite and adult about it. A lot of people don't get that a musical criticism is not a personal attack. It is meant with appreciation and hoping to help.

Thanx everyone here, for your great musical contributions, and insightful comments.

(We should pat ourselves on the back).

angelonyc - real name Mark Styles