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Topic: Halion quirks

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    Halion quirks

    Here\'s a good one:

    I am trying to compose with four different Halion instruments and it seems that my computer can\'t keep up. I\'m wondering if this is a RAM issue because I tried adjusting the voice buffer in Halion as well as the time (seconds) allocation. What should I do?
    In a word....YES (maybe)
    You need as much RAM as possible. That way you can preload you samples more so that the Disk (and your CPU) isn\'t having to stream them.

    So. Buy a disk streaming sampler, then buy more ram so that you don\'t have to disk stream!

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    Re: Halion quirks

    I definitely agree that this seems funny, at least on the surface. But it sounds like that program might be doing something that I wish GigaStudio would do. Whenever there is extra RAM to be used, use it! When the polyphony gets high and some people experience crackling and voice dropping, why not allow the program to load a little more of each sample into the RAM so as to give the hard drive more time to react (and less work to do in general)? For a person with a gigabyte of RAM and just a piano loaded, why only make use of 128MB?

    I imagine the reason is somewhere between a lack of resources and me just not understanding the technical problems involved.

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    Re: Halion quirks

    Yeah, I think this was in the big wishlist for V3. You\'re right. For those with lots of ram who are suffering HD bottlenecks, this is a simple solution.

    The difficulty with this facility is that it makes it hard to compare Giga and Halion. When one is exclusively streaming from HD, the other may be set to stream, but is in fact simply acting as a ram based sampler.

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