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Topic: Installing a 3rd hard drive in Win98... HELP!

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    Installing a 3rd hard drive in Win98... HELP!

    Hi Everyone.

    Hoping someone here has done this before and can help me out. I have an IDE hard drive that was used in a FireWire case hooked up to my PC. The drive worked fine, but I recently decided to remove it from its FW case and install it inside the PC case as an additional audio drive for GigaStudio.

    I connected the power and data cables and started up. I can see it in the Device Manager list. It is properly identified as an IBM DTLA drive, but I do not see it appear as a drive in the \"My Computer\" window. There is data on the drive, so I don\'t want to reformat it unless really necessary.

    What is strange is that if I check off the box under its \"Device Manager-->Settings\" window that says \"Removeable\", then it shows up as a removeable drive after I restart. The problem is that I want to make it \"non-removeable\" by installing it as another IDE drive!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help. I am running Windows98 SE. The drive was working fine as an external FW drive formatted with FAT32.

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    Re: Installing a 3rd hard drive in Win98... HELP!

    Never mind. I figured it out. I finally just wiped it out with FDISK and reformatted the drive and voila! It showed up in the \"My Computer\" window right away.


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