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Topic: Tascam GigaForum

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    Tascam GigaForum

    Hi folks,

    The Tascam GigaForum is up and running. Here we shall discuss all things Giga and beyond.

    The forum will be moderated by Tascam Product Specialist superhero Dave Casey and myself.

    All are welcome to pay us a visit.


    Tascam Operational Support

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    Re: Tascam GigaForum

    Cool! It would be even cooler if you could supply us with an URL though

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    Re: Tascam GigaForum

    I agree
    It could be cooler with URL!

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    Re: Tascam GigaForum

    If you lose the URL, go to www.tascam.com, highlight Support and choose Online Forums. GigaStudio/GigaSampler is in the list of forums.


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