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Topic: Please Anyone !

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    Please Anyone !

    I have had a HP 8660c win98se for 16 months.Since the first day I got it the thing has froze up.I have to hold the power button down and reboot.I have tried restore several times.running with only what came with the computer.running with everything shut down useing msconfig.Yesterday it froz up 23 times.It mainly happens when I close a page or open a page on the net.IE and NS does the same thing.Writing emails useing cut and pate.It seems anything I do sudenly causes the system to freeze up.If anyone can Please help.HP support cant.Or wont !

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    Re: Please Anyone !

    Sounds like you have defective hardware since you\'ve done system restores multiple times and still have problems. You\'re warranty was probably up after 1 year. I would still take it in and get an estimate. HP\'s are quite expensive to repair when out of warranty as they use things such as non-standard motherboards.

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    Re: Please Anyone !

    In my opinion you should try to return the machine to HP (with authorization, of course). If you were talking with HP tech support before the warranty expired there should be some kind of record of the problem (hopefully, you have a record of your case number, dates of calls, etc.) and the fact that it was unresolved. If you didn\'t report the problem before the warranty expired, well, you can still try talking with them--you\'re only 4 months beyond the warranty. Many companies allow 30 days of additional \"fudge\" room in the warranty and, if you\'re nice about it, they\'ll sometimes stretch it further. - Doug

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    Re: Please Anyone !

    Thanks for the advise.sorry about the typos I was typeing fast so I could get the question in before I froze up again.They should have lots of records.I have talked to the vice pres of HP and she suggested I put it in the shop.It has been there two times and they say they couldn\'t get it to freez up!.(with their test).Not sure what they do.I bought it with a three year warranty.I cant even defrag unless I\'m in safe mode now...lol.I believe there is a rule??that if it goes in the shop for the same reason three times and still does the same thing they replace it.I\'m taking it back monday.It will be gone for another three weeks.Anyway I thank everyone who responded.

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