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Topic: Loading Akai Sample CDs

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    Loading Akai Sample CDs

    I have a problem when loading (or converting) most of my Akai sample CDs in the GigaStudio. Most of my CDs only show the first Volume, or Volume A. Others will show all the volumes, but there won\'t be anything in them, only gibberish. So, I test them on my Akai sampler and they\'re fine.
    Not all my Akai CDs do this, but most do.
    Any ideas?


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    Re: Loading Akai Sample CDs

    I find the AKAI disc reading is flakey (probably more to do with my CD-Rom than GS). I use CD-Xtract to convert my akai\'s into .gig format and have no problems.

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    Re: Loading Akai Sample CDs

    Actually, just last night a friend helped me figure this out. Following was his counsel that has worked wonders for me!:
    1) Turn your \"auto-insert notification\" off for your CD-ROM in the System Configuration.
    2) Load GigaStudio (with no CD in the CD-R)
    3) Insert your Akai sample CD
    4) Start Windows Explorer
    5) Press F5 in Windows Explorer (refresh)
    6) Now double click on your CD-ROM drive letter in GS and it will do a proper conversion of all your volumes
    --Viola! It works for me! All my CDs are reading fine now! I\'m so happy!


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