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Topic: The Sunflower And The Dragonfly

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    The Sunflower And The Dragonfly

    Fewer tracks and more melodic development on this one.

    The Sunflower And The Dragonfly - https://app.box.com/s/x2t513dsgfog4ky453uy1h5h39xpdang

    The Sunflower And The Dragonfly Score - https://app.box.com/s/oaogfxcgeuqiumv6wgocli5lnoci79gi

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    Re: The Sunflower And The Dragonfly

    What a very nice piece! You are right, fewer tracks often mean more transparancy. Your choice of instruments (synth sounds) stands out. Congratulations, this is the first music I've heard on this saturday morning. Please give it a ending chord fading out from mf to pp.


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    Re: The Sunflower And The Dragonfly

    What a pleasant change to listen to your work. Talking about myself, most of the time serious, melancholic, (boring), and yours, in NYC, an seeing a dragonfly landing on the sunflower? Just great, and full of sophisticated twists and turns of you artistry...
    Great, congratulations


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    Re: The Sunflower And The Dragonfly

    This was a relaxing an interesting piece of music. A nice mix of instruments, sounds and change ups.

    It seems to take me back to a earlier and special time when so may things seemed possible and were converging. Well, at least using one’s imagination to dream it all could be before eventually day to day responsibilities rained coldly on my sunflower and the dragonfly.

    But now I’m once again a dharma bum with at least fewer responsibilities and that dragonfly is around some times.


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    Re: The Sunflower And The Dragonfly

    Thanx guys: I very much appreciate the comments.

    I put a post in 'off topics' http://northernsounds.com/forum/show...e-Alive-Inside

    It's about the incredible effects of playing the music we loved as young adults to dementia and alzheimer's patients. On a related level, playing the music of our youth for anyone, has great impact.

    Yesterday, I was up in Central Park in NYC.. On Sundays.. The Central Park Skaters Association has a free disco roller skating party.. I was a very avid skater for 40 years.. Roller skating was always my 2nd greatest joy, after writing music.

    The ideal Dance-skate music they is usually 105 - 120 BPM. Mostly disco, RnB, Soul music from 60's - 80's.. There are still a pretty fair amount of age 45 - 70 year old skaters. The vibe is infectious. Somewhere between 30 - 60 skaters, in a large roped off area, with usually spectators numbering about 3 times the number of skaters. The audience are bouncing, around, nodding, even dancing too. It is truly an inspiring site.. It is a great example of the power of music. Evidenced also is the primal hypnotic effect, the beat, harmony, and melody have on the human body.. Everybody sort of 'become's one' for a while..

    Yes, when we hear the music of our youth, we are emotionally transported back to a 'better time'.. When I get my time machine up and running, I will put it in a loop from 67 - 75, and just stay there. That is one of the great qualities of music, is it 'transports us' emotionally to a different place. Where we didn't take the world so seriously, where the good somehow outweighed the bad. the fun outweighed the sorrow..

    The state of society and the world is frightening and 'overwhelming' to me at points.. I think of our youth, and feel so bad for them, then realize, this is all they've ever known, this is 'normal' to them. Well the good thing is even our new youth have their music to comfort them. Which we at this age, might not appreciate, or even dislike what is called music. But the power of music will always persist. And a lot of listeners will seek out the music that comforts them.. I find a surprising number of 'grand-children age youths, that really like the Beatles, and even 18th, 19th century composers.

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    Re: The Sunflower And The Dragonfly

    Hi Mark,

    This a fantastic piece, a most pleasant ensemble and a Cristal clear mix! The whole composition breathes
    calmness, peace and positivism. Our hasty modern society could use more music like this!

    Thanks for sharing,

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    Re: The Sunflower And The Dragonfly


    it is the first time that I listen to your music and I have to say that this was quite a refreshing experience, it is a pleasure to discover what an original voice you have.
    One could talk about the accuracy of the mix, how balanced things are, the clear sound with a strong presence.... but the real deal here is to ackowledge how much of yourself there is in your piece: it is important to know how to handle music... but having actually something to "say" takes you to another level.
    Amazing atmosphere, you must some sort of a "painter". Or a magician.
    The same is to be said regarding your other piece, "The Coastal line", I loved that too. It shares the same characteristics and quality of production. I enjoyed those strings' "scoops", among decades of other small "tasty" bits.

    Thank you for posting, I really appreciated listening to your pieces. You really know your way around notes...


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