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Topic: Musescore

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    Today was my first knowledge of Musescore. So far, I am pleased. I would really appreciate comment from anyone who has experience with this software. It may be better than Sibelius.


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    Re: Musescore

    I really like it.
    It is my main writing tool at the moment.
    The no frills/no playback via VST helps me to stay focused on writing.
    XML and MIDI export works fine with Reaper (DAW).
    I think it is as powerful (I transcribed and transposed in a blink Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" for my band) and also much cheaper than other notation softwares.
    Enjoy it!

    PS. There's a very good MuseScore users group on Facebook. MuseScore officials chime in quite often.

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