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Topic: I'd Count The Stars

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    I'd Count The Stars

    I'd Count The Stars

    I originally wrote this song in 1973. This song was written for the first SERIOUS love of my life. It was definitely written from the heart. Just piano and my limited voice, very simple, but the chords, and main motif are still there. Every 12 years or so, I re-record it with a new arrangement, new singer, what current virtual instruments, hardware I have. This version was actually recorded 9 years ago.. I enjoy re-doing every once in a while, because I get to incorporate what new techniques, and knowledge I've gained.

    This singer, Seven Moshod, is raw talent. He has no training. And little patience to learn, he just does what he does. So one has to accept his talents as that. He never sings something the same way twice. So everything is a 'one shot'. He is an incredible live performer, but studio work is hard, because of his inability (or subconscious will) to repeat something. Eventually we had to part company because of his unwillingness to 'discipline' himself. I guess he is a true 'free soul', unwilling to confine himself to anything. In this version, He does a dramatic climb at the end of a section.. I was so shocked and delighted at what he did. I rewrote a few bars to accommodate his vocal climb. Sorry, no score.

    I started playing music doing exclusively rock and pop music.. Over the years, I moved in different directions.. So forgive, there is absolutely nothing 'classical' about this.. Seven's love of 70's R'nB' and Soul was a good influence for me.. He was only interested in doing this type of music..

    I'd Count The Stars - https://app.box.com/s/6gvxtbm9gwojqdq06sna

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    Re: I'd Count The Stars

    Hey, this is a real solid tune angelonyc!

    I can imagine this on a Al Green, Teddy Pedergrass or Smokey Robinson album. Did you ever try placing it with any artists back then looking for album material.

    I tried my hand at songwriting back in the eighties for a while. I would go to a songwriter’s support group once a month in Seattle. You had your song critiqued (mainly the words) and had access to the songwriter’s, artists currently looking for album material, tip sheet. The music came easy for me but strong pop song lyric writing was not my bag and good lyricists were quite scarce.

    At least with this version, it definitely has that Motown/Philadelphia sound. The singer is quite talented. I can sure hear his inventive vocal styling. The money nowadays is probably more in performance then recording so he’s probably in a good place.


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    Re: I'd Count The Stars

    If you're still interested in writing lyrics or songs, there is an incredible man named Pat Patterson. He teaches at Berklee in Boston. They have several song writing courses, I took all of them online. They are expensive. There is a free version, at coursera.org. It is a slightly modified version of the same course as offered at Berklee online.. He has several books available, and travels around the country giving seminars.

    I have never been so amazed at someone's brilliance at something. Pat Patterson is one of these people. He is always coming up with new approaches and techniques.. His more recent thing is portraying body language thru lyrics, subtle syncopation and musical motifs (melodic placement of specific syllables). A significant part of communicating is the body language we use, (the visual aspect).. Of course this can't directly applied to a singers voice in a song. But the placement of syllables, the accents, and the relative note, can play a vital importance.

    I do admit, Seven is perhaps the most gifted self-taught singer, I have worked with, but he refuses to perfect the gift he was given. I eventually had to give up on this guy, he has some vocal issues, he needs to fix. But absolutely feels, it is not his responsibility to improve, or work on his weak issues. So, unfortunately I had to move on. Our parting conversation, was he refused to sing a passage again, and insisted I use 'auto-tune'. which would never fix his faulty arpeggiated scales (not sliding into final pitch, and faulty time) he would fit into one vowel. I had to graft/swap consonants (sometimes vowels too) from other words, and paste together 7-8 takes to get a good performance. A real challenge

    True, anyone can sing a song, but I feel, the singer, and his/her vocal qualities, can greatly enhance a song.

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    Re: I'd Count The Stars


    The singer is not a bad one, but as you yourself say, he is 'wild'.
    His singing is drowning all the rest, which, when I can hear it,
    is quite beautiful.
    Maybe it's time to let go of the singer and use a suitable instrument
    instead, bring up the accompaniment, and create a harmonious
    instrumental piece.
    Just a humble suggestion...

    ~ Yudit ~

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