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I went to your website.. I loved all of the music.. Great, accomplished, compositions.

In the last few years, I have become very keenly aware, the choice of instruments a composer used to realize his/her work.

Growing up, I was not particularly interested in classical music.. I had listened to many works, but was not interested in writing it. (also didn't have access to musicians) I jumped on the synthesizer band wagon in 1970 or so. An ARP 2600.
It could make all kinds of sounds, But certainly nothing like 'real instruments'..

I custom modified my synth with additional LFO's.. So I could come up with synthesized strings. Certainly didn't sound like real strings, but it fit the notch of when strings were wanted on a pop tune, and you didn't have the budget for them.
Then came all the samplers, and eventually the very sophisticated instrument libraries (Native Instruments, Kontakt. Garritan, 8DIO, etc.

I had always, picked a pallet of instruments to use in a piece (rock band, a number of synthesizer patches) Much like a classical composer decides what he's going to write for. In the last 15 years, I have become much more aware, of the sounds I put into a piece. Often creating synth patches, or using many of the more exotic Kontakt and UVI libraries there out there.

The classical composer, had it more direct. He would write for any existing instruments. I've noticed with interest, or what orchestra's would include as standard instruments. How it has evolved over a few hundred years.. It is like evolution, a concise number of instruments, that by different playing techniques, could cover a huge amount of musical works.

I was struck by the instruments themselves (taking hundreds of years to evolve also) and the combinations of instruments used to carry out a particular motif, for emotional impact.

The bottom line is a harpsichord first conjures up Christmas for me. The brightness of it. the sound of the plucked strings, etc.

Listening to the different (all wonderful) compositions you have written.. I noticed the different combinations you would use for a certain piece. Excellent choices.

Thanx for sharing your link
You are certainly welcome, Mister Angelo. Thank you for the nice compliments concerning my works.


Larry G. Alexander