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Topic: Amber Jazz Revisited

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    Amber Jazz Revisited

    Well, having finished this many times, I hope that this is the real final version, but probably it is not. First two minutes have beeen much changed by removal of staccato. The next 2 minutes have been made easier to read, and simplified a bit in the process. The rest is very nearly the same, being a transformation of the first part, but faster and louder.

    How many times fave I finished a piece and then later felt it was in dire need of repair? Quite a few times. I can't seem to completely satisfy myself that all is well with the piece. Someday, perhaps that will happen. Although t it doesn't seem likely, I will continue going. The next piece is already struggling to get out of my head.


    Amber Jazz

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    Re: Amber Jazz Revisited

    Quite a complex piece Richard. How ever modern and abstract, it presents a wonderful array of piano sound combinations.

    The first half or so seemed to have an attitude and then it danced around more to the end.


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