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Topic: difference between v1 and v2 gigs?

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    difference between v1 and v2 gigs?

    In GSt I can convert version 1 .gig files into version 2. What is the reason for doing this?

    Also, I thought GSt was supposed to load my gigs (up to) 50 times faster. Is there a trick to making this happen? (Don\'t tell me \"up to\" includes no faster at all!)


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    Re: difference between v1 and v2 gigs?

    V2 files do load a bit faster - at least on my setup. 50 times? Dunno how Nemesys came to that very very theoretical conclusion, but it is probably a great sales pitch

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    Re: difference between v1 and v2 gigs?

    Some things are not sped up by conversion, some are. The boesendorfer has a lot of big samples and doesn\'t seem to be sped up (40 secs on my new GSt system, it was 27 secs on my old slower GSa box).

    The Xsample Rhodes was almost intolerably slow to load before (I forget the time, but really it was like get a cup of coffee for a full load, maybe it will be loaded when you get back) and as a 2.0 instrument the full load takes 30 secs.

    Seems like somethings a bit goofy if there are a lot of big samples, but they sped it up considerably if there are a lot of samples plus a huge number of programs (first impression, I haven\'t confirmed with other gigs)

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