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Topic: Amber Caprice

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    Amber Caprice

    4 1/2 minutes of organ. I don't know whether to describe it as a mutant bolero, or an errant zapateado, because it is both. The pedal line,a modified zapateado, could easily be replaced by a bolero ostinato, except for the fugue. The fugue relies very heavily on the modified zapateado. The fugue is followed by a short episode of short arpeggio counterpoint.The piece begins in C minor, the fugue becomes rather ambiguous in key, and thereafter, the key is a solid C major. Its a bit of a surprise, even to me, that I should bet so tonal, but, there it is.

    The link is to Box, for the MP3

    I wonder if anyone will find a meaning to the title.


    Amber Caprice

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    Re: Amber Caprice

    Spectacular is the word one remembers as listening to your piece.
    Enjoyed it very much.


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    Re: Amber Caprice

    Although I don't understand much of the theory that you outline, I do like the music. Organ is for me always connected with sacred music, in particular the church and with this music you build a very nice and inspiring atmosphere as well as many musically interesting and beautiful moments.
    As for the title, it is certainly descriptive. Amber for the rich colour you paint with and caprice for its liveliness.

    Well done Richard


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