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Topic: An ordinary working day in the office

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    An ordinary working day in the office


    here is an original composition that I wrote in 2012. Originally it was written for two violins, but I have now revised it for string orchestra.

    It is "program music", depicting an ordinary working day from early morning, rush hour, boring office routine, dreaming, through the evening party.


    Hope you enjoy it!


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    Re: An ordinary working day in the office

    Good morning Reinhold,

    I'd wished such boring ordinary working days at my office. What is nice composition this is. As always you made a very professional rendition. The "flow" of the moods are nicely put together into a coherent piece. Needs a real life performance, for sure.



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    Re: An ordinary working day in the office

    Hi Reinhold,

    I fully agree with Raymond. It is a very good composition that should be performed in the real world. I especially like the way you deal with harmonies and well chosen accents to express the underlying content. It makes the piece a lot more expressive and interesting.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: An ordinary working day in the office

    A great piece. I especially enjoyed your dynamics, beautifully mastered.
    Hello, and thanks for an enjoyable morning.

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    Re: An ordinary working day in the office

    Hello Raymond, Jos, Ted,

    thank you for your friendly and positive comments!
    I have already worked on creating a music print score of this music for string quartet, for a live quartet to play this. But it is quite tedious to get the score looking right, when the source is based on a more or less live played MIDI; it takes forever to take out the non-quantized durations... but I will keep working on it. I do agree, this music should be played by human musicians.

    Many greetings,

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