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Topic: The Light of the Son

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    The Light of the Son

    This is my most recent render. For this project I use the solo B flat clarinet from GPO5 along with a separate classical guitar soundfont.


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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Good morning,

    it doesn't play.


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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Hello, Raymond!

    It plays when I try the link.

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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Plays for me with Safari browser on Mac.. Quite quite lovely.. I liked how the clarinet played a straight melody, let the guitar arpegiate. then guitar arpeggiate became less busy, and clarinet started some arpegiation carefully weaved into the piece.

    Great dialog between the two instruments.. By shifting the focus, you kept interest in the piece high.. Very tasteful.

    With all the different techniques, you could sustain a 16 minute piece very well.. masterful

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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Now it plays. Tomorrow I will listen to it, too late now.


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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Finally I can go back to your piece. How on earth did you get this wonderful idea? It simply is high-class music and the use of both instruments is at the highest level. Great, the clarinet doesn't play always in tune - some sort of portamento. I loved that.



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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Hi Sean,

    I'm so glad you posted a new piece here and what a lovely composition. It's hard to interpret the exact content, the meaning or story behind the music, but your clarification about you and your beloved father is already a fine help. Of course this is no program music, but still the music speaks so clearly of a deep relationship between father and son, from birth till... with all the episodes in between. You realised it masterfully with a good knowledge of both instruments.

    The guitar is really exquisite and so natural, with very 'guitaristic' playing techniques. The clarinet seems a little 'prudent' (deliberately?)
    The duet and the interweaving of the themes is absolutely stunning, from the hands and fantasy of a great master.

    Even the length of the piece doesn't bother at all, since it's very well written and with more than enough variation and contrast to keep the listener attracted.

    Many congrats!

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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Wonderful music. The pair of instruments are a perfect choice for your purpose creating an everlasting beauty filled with several exciting moments. Impressive creativity. Guitar is also GPO?
    Congrats to you.


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    Re: The Light of the Son

    Thank you all so very much for your time and kind remarks! I do appreciate them!

    Jos, the restraint you perceive in the clarinet part was not planned. I simply arranged it according to the blueprint established in my sketchbook (the document in which I do nearly all of my composition work). Also, I am a guitarist. As such, I may have subconsciously given most of my attention to that part!

    Kjell, the guitar is not a Garritan instrument. It is from a collection called DSK Music Hispasonic Sampled Series.

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