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Topic: giga & cubase

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    Re: giga & cubase

    I use 2 audio cards:
    Gina 20 for Cubase and Delta 66 for Giga.
    Because you know, the \"multi-client\" .......
    Try to select audio out 1&2 exclusively for Cubase and 3&4 audio out for Giga. (if you have multi audio out).
    In Cubase go to options/synchronization.
    Sync Source:
    Timecode Base: Midi timecode
    Output: Nemesys Midi port x
    Tempo Base: Midi clock

    Sync Out:
    Midi Timecode: Nemesys Midi port x
    Midi Clock: Nemesys Midi port x

    With the last update, everything is allright for me !

    Have a nice day
    Chouine from Paris

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    giga & cubase

    Does anyone have the same problem with cubase and giga ; together they work fine but when I try to start cubase the asiodriver seems to be occupied by giga and cubase has therefore no driver.

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    Re: giga & cubase

    Thanks for your input but I have a Layla card and wanted to use only this one.
    I have a suspicion that my card gets blocked by an giga.386 file that gets loaded at startup as described in the win.ini file :
    I think here lies the problem but I have no solution so if anyone has an answer....
    Ofcourse I have devided my outputs between cubase and giga (cubase 1&2,giga 7&8)

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    Re: giga & cubase

    Ok !
    Do you use the last update for Giga ?
    I had a lot of mistakes before: with the \"capture to wave\" dialog box.
    Now, everything is ok.

    You want to use one audio card only ?
    The solution is to \"diseable audio\" in Cubase ......

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    Re: giga & cubase

    I have found the solution ; you should install cubase first and then gigasampler ; now it works. One has to be sure that there\'s nothing in the register that points to giga and then do a \'clean\'install starting with cubase.

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    Re: giga & cubase

    G R E A T !

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