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Topic: Horror and Atmosphere

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    Horror and Atmosphere

    I've been pretty busy over the last couple years composing music assets for a company. It's been such an awesome experience. I'm now just about finished with my sixth album. I wanted to share some previews to some of the compositions. My goal for this album was to create something a little more dark and atmospheric for people to use in their projects. Below are three previews to the album. All of the artwork in the videos were also created by me.

    Preview #2
    Preview #3


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    Re: Horror and Atmosphere

    These clips are quite beautiful in a dark way. Ethereal and suspenseful.

    Your art work is pretty cool too!


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    Re: Horror and Atmosphere

    Hi Richard,

    Very impressive, music and images. You've reached a very appealing sound in the clips. They'll work fine!

    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: Horror and Atmosphere

    Thanks Phil and Jos for the listening to the previews and for the feedback.


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    Re: Horror and Atmosphere

    I thought I wrote a response to this yesterday.. Guess I had a 'senior moment' and forgot to post it.

    Very impressive.. You seem to so easily capture and express a dark emotion.. The video is great too..

    Very nice.

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