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Topic: Mendelssohn - Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 for cello and piano

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    Mendelssohn - Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 for cello and piano

    First the link: https://app.box.com/s/wu9hx9fsvlosaewfevce9ua8rgyegpfr

    Rather recent my wife met an elderly female cellist at the hairshop. This resulted in further friendship. She plays in the Zuid-Hollands Symfonie orkest (ZSO) [ South-Dutch Symphony Orchestra ].

    Of course, besides all common things in life, we discussed music. One day she brought me a small book about the life and adventures of a young french cellist, Lisa Cristiani, who travelled with her stradivarius cello all the way to eastern Siberia, giving concerts whenever possible. Pity enough she died very young. On her travels thru Germany she met Felix Mendelssohn, who wrote a very beautiful piece for her (she never had played this, because by that time, she already died). If possible do some searching on her rather short life. Very interesting young women she was.

    Having read this book, I also searched for the composition mentioned, and we both (the cellist in question) and I decided to re-copy this for a project Music Minus One. After having finished the piano-part I couldn't resist doing something with the cello-part.


    Piano: Pianoteq 6, Blüthner
    Cello: Vienna Solo Cello full library
    Reverb: Altiverb, San Miquel, Cuenca, Spain
    Notation: Overture
    DAW: Overture mixer part.



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    Re: Mendelssohn - Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 for cello and piano

    Hi Raymond,

    First of all I have to congratulate you with the exquisite choice of cello music. Lied one Wörter (109) is quite some challenge to perform and you did marvellously. The balance between cello and piano is so correct and distinct for both parts. Your approach is delicate and very musical, with an personal vision.
    I've listened to various online versions and interpretations, and I have to say that you come very close to the best. The sound of the solo cello is warm and clear, playing every tiny detail of the piece without losing the general view and texture of the piece in every bow stroke and phrase. You did the right thing adding the cello part in your recording. It's definitely the best way to learn how to handle solo instruments in a subtle and realistic way. Knowing you as a critical perfectionist, I can say that you wouldn't rest with something 'more or less' or a half-hearted performance in musical expression. Here you've proven yourself as a more than skilled pianist and connaisseur of the cello.

    Deep respect and bravissimo!

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    Re: Mendelssohn - Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 for cello and piano


    You did a great job on this piano, cello piece with the amazing story behind it.

    The reverb setting made it an intimate listen.


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    Re: Mendelssohn - Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 for cello and piano

    What a fascinating story.. And the piece and performance of it are excellent.. I love the change at 2:00 minutes. Chance encounters with people is a great way to do music.. Beautiful but simple ending.

    I have often chosen out strangers - eventually becoming new friends. who have written or performed on a piece we did together.. Although I only have about 20 pieces being this sort of collaboration.. It makes for great memories. And each piece was a learning opportunity for me, to go outside, of something I would have done by myself..

    I was trying to think of a politer term than musical intercourse.. But in a sense, two strangers coming together to write, create, realize another composer's piece is an act of pro-creation..

    I really like what you accomplished here.

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    Re: Mendelssohn - Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 for cello and piano

    You said: "enjoy", so I did, enjoyed your piano, your cello and your masterful handling this beautiful piece.


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    Re: Mendelssohn - Lied ohne Worte, Op. 109 for cello and piano

    What loveliness! Thank you, Raymond, for bringing this treasure to my attention! Without your effort, I may never have heard this gorgeous work! You have done this opus justice by your sensitive sequencing! I shall now listen once again!

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