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Topic: Annibelle Lee

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    Annibelle Lee

    This song was an experiment, done a while ago. The lyrics were from an Edgar Allen Poe poem, of the same title. I tried to infuse the music with a darkness and other wordiness to reflect Poe's life (an opium addict, alcoholic, depressed artist) I used a quasi sitar, for further esoteric ness.


    Sorry no score for this one.

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    Re: Annibelle Lee

    Great use of sounds !! It needs a musician(you) getting all those synthesized sounds in the right place. Enjoyed it very much.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Annibelle Lee

    Another excellent production angelonyc! Quite rich with nice sounds that blend well.

    I think I remember this poem. Poe’s subject matter was always dark but he sure was a master with the written word. And your music matches the words quite well if not giving them sort of musical a silver lining.

    This has a real rock renaissance feel to it. I can smell the incense.


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    Re: Annibelle Lee

    Hi Mark,

    What a lovely song! Are you the singer? I love the composition and the orchestration. Carefully done without any exaggeration or blowing up. It's just perfect as it is, just like the mix. The flute coming in with a little riddle from time to time is a nice find as well. I wish more pop songs would be like this one. It would certainly bring me closer to that world!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing,

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    Re: Annibelle Lee

    I wish I was the singer. When I moved to NYC, 40 years ago I was intimidated by how many great singers were around, so I sort of gave up.. I was once a decent back-up singer, but not lead singer. In NYC really good singers all want $$$. The ones you get for free, are newbies, most not willing to work, study, rehearse scales, breath control etc. . Their attitude is 'I'm doing it once, use Autotune'.. so I've reverted to writing instrumentals again..

    At this point, I want singers who have a lot of control.. '. I've been scoping out older singers, who have the skills, and want to sing for the joy of making music, Since I can't really afford to pay a singer. Well it will work out eventually, it always does.

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