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Topic: The Walk

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    The Walk

    New work for strings. As always VSL Chamber strings, including mutes from SE-Strings.



    [Glad that this website is re-instated. I really missed it. Tomorrow I will listen to your contributions]
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    Re: The Walk

    Hi Raymond,

    This is a fine collage of expressive phrases and sonic inventions. Well done! Remarkably enough, though in a quite contemporary musical idiom, this piece could serve as a 'passepied' from the early baroque era. Make the phrases traditional harmony with clear themes and you would have a perfect passepied.
    Apart from that, it is an interesting composition with lovely use of the chamber strings. Well articulated in beautiful dynamic lines and contrasts, it offers a rich listening experience, slightly apart from consonant harmony, but nothing to be afraid of.

    Congrats, I love the piece!

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    Re: The Walk


    I found it an interesting and surprising piece.

    It sounded as if sceneries appeared and disappeared
    arousing different emotions and reactions.

    Great ending!

    Keep on walking!

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: The Walk

    Really beautiful music, so refreshing and modern with many surprises and interesting events, even some atonality I believe. Congrats to you Raymond for this remarkable composition. I remember also your previous posted string work which also touched me deeply.
    Thank you


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    Re: The Walk

    Thank you all for the comments.
    I used the VSL Chamber Strings I, standard library, with the mutes form SE-Strings. They fit in well.
    Notated and played back (recorded) with Overture steered by Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 (as server).

    Now a few days off, enjoying the beginning of spring. And trying to walk properly again. I have some muscle problems with my right leg.



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    Re: The Walk

    The beginning particularly evoked anxiousness, in me, but it was controlled, not too far out or uncomfortable. As the counterpoint, and arpeggios came in, the mood changed again to a more controlled effect.. Of the deliberateness of things moving moving in tight formation..

    Each instrument you brought in, with the different articulations you used had a very controlled and deliberate effect. Yet, it elicited it from the listener.. I didn't feel like you were forcing me into an emotional corner.. You just set the stage lighting, and I felt like I initiated the emotional condition.. That is REAL POWER.

    I've been taking a music therapy workshop.. And the discussion of using music, melodies, harmonic qualities of different instruments, to influence and ultimately control the emotional state of a listener, without the additional re-inforcement of visuals (like dramatic scenes).. is a skill. You have truly given examples of your mastery of it.


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    Re: The Walk

    I quite enjoyed your The Walk Raymond! The music envisioned a walk in an unfamiliar landscape and different events that but for brief moments created anxiety and uncertainty. At the end of the walk they hurried back into their house. Safe again.


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    Re: The Walk

    The first thing that struck me while listening to this fascinating composition is its transparency in orchestration. I love those subtle dabs of color! I am reminded of sunlight dancing upon the ground as it shines through the breeze blown branches of trees overhead. Marvelous work, Sir!

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    Re: The Walk

    I have tried before to reply to your piece but I had trouble signing in for some reason. It works today, so I can tell you that I liked your Walk. A little over my (square) head, but in many places the beauty of your musical thoughts are shining bright.

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