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Topic: Sing with Me the Earth

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    Sing with Me the Earth

    To exemplify further the wonderful pianos of GPO5, I present this original work for choir and piano.


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    Re: Sing with Me the Earth

    A monumental piece, and well thought out.. I am intrigued how you transition from motif to motif.. And yes, the piano sounds beautiful

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    Re: Sing with Me the Earth

    That was quite a musical effort Sean.

    Spiritual and uplifting music that blended well with the words.

    I particularly enjoyed the solo piano interlude.


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    Re: Sing with Me the Earth

    Hi Sean,

    With great interest I've listened to your impressive song. That is really a masterpiece: a brilliant piano part and a very singable choir part. Such a pity that the lyrics couldn't be in the recording. The whole song is built so eloquently and in a lively conversation with the piano that it kept me listening attentively until the final note. Such choir pieces are rare these days (I mean accessible for an average amateur choir) and still with a very deep and musical content of high level.
    I'm so glad you shared this piece with us. Real music lovers can't but appreciate it and hope for more!



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    Re: Sing with Me the Earth

    I agree with Max. Pity the absence of real words. Very nice piece for the local amateur choirs. I regret that the "singing" isn't anymore a part of the musical education of our youngsters (if any musical education at schools!).
    Thank you for this very fine piece, demonstrating the power of singing so well.


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    Re: Sing with Me the Earth

    Thank you very much for your kind remarks!

    That is an interesting observation, Mark. If I get you right, you are referring to the variations on the main theme. Although I composed this piece many years ago, I distinctly remember deciding not to repeat the subject verbatim on the choral entries. Even though the work is fugal, I felt that exact repetition beyond the Altos did not work well. Therefore, I settled on the idea of varying the theme.

    Phil, I could wish for no kinder comment on this piece. Indeed, it is a celebration of that natural world I find so spiritually uplifting!

    Wow, Jos! You make my day! I’m always especially delighted to read such words from an artist as refined and capable as yourself! One thing that is very special about this community is the fact that so many of you know music through and through. You are not just connoisseurs, you are practitioners who know all about that of which you speak. So, praise from you serves as validation and encouragement beyond that which one might gain from those not so aesthetically refined. Thank you, Sir!

    Thank you, Raymond, for your kind words! Indeed, this dearth of music education is most lamentable!

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    Re: Sing with Me the Earth

    You're welcome Sean.

    The positive spirit of this forum is an appreciation of so many good works and an encouragement and helping hand for those struggling with sound and performance.


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