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Topic: Itís Back!

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Itís Back!

    Getting a little worried were we? Probably not as worried as the last time.

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    Re: Itís Back!

    What a relief!!! Hallelujah!!!

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    Senior Member Tom_Davis's Avatar
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    Re: Itís Back!

    I didn't actually hit the panic button, but after the fifth note that my request had not been sent to the correct forum I was getting a little edgy.

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    Re: Itís Back!

    Phew! Thank goodness.
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    Re: Itís Back!

    Yeah, I got a bit concerned too..

    This is my favorite website to come to now.. The quality of the work and people involved is great. Everyone here is generous with their ideas, and explaining techniques. Some sites, the more accomplished do NOT want to share their knowledge. I love going to the Listening area and hearing what others here are doing..

    I've yet to buck down and get seriously into the orchestration and jazz courses. I started to go thru them years ago..But I get so excited by something I learned. I have to stop and write a piece to incorporate the new idea.

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    Re: Itís Back!

    Well, here we are again. Where have we been??


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