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Topic: Just A Thank You

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    Just A Thank You

    Not a music upload in this post..But a big thank you, for the different comments people make to the posts.

    I find the explanations, theories, musings, that different people offer in response to the music itself, very valuable.

    Tom Davis - your answer to my question was extremely helpful.. It was like a light bulb went on in my head..

    Your post, and several others here have given me, much 'food for thought'..

    It is a privilege and delight, to find such an accomplished and friendly group of performers/composers here.

    Thanx.. Angelonyc (real name - Mark Styles)

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    Re: Just A Thank You

    Sharing creativity is a most precious thing. Finding an audience wo appreciates it, even more. So the feeling is mutual!


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    Re: Just A Thank You

    You will always find helpful ears here. Only very, very rarely have there been negative or offensive participants; they do not last long because no one will play with them.

    Your questions and, if you wish to share them, creative efforts will always be welcome.


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    Re: Just A Thank You

    Thank you Mark for this very beautiful and inspiring post. And thank you for all beautiful, talented and interesting music that you create and share with us.


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