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Topic: Giga sampler + voice robbing

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    Giga sampler + voice robbing

    I run Gigasampler 1.6 with a on a P2 350 (128 megs. RAM) Soundblaster Live card for audio and MIDI (128 megs. RAM). I run the MIDI output into my MOTU MIDI Express (Mac). Audio is on a G4. I get a lot of polyphony overload (voice robbing) with only a few tracks running on Giga. Is this a function of the MIDI on the Soundblaster or what? Thanks.

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    Re: Giga sampler + voice robbing

    Your Soundblaster\'s MIDI is probably fine. I\'ve never had any problems with it. However, it\'s pretty easy to use up Gigasampler\'s polyphony with stereo and/or layered samples. Gigapiano alone will go beyond the limit if you use sustain pedal. Also, notes that overlap slightly or have release triggers can cause huge polyphony peaks. - Doug

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