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Topic: Sea Of Tranquility

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    Sea Of Tranquility

    Sea Of Tranquility - https://app.box.com/s/wp73e6qzl4thsfakymbqmdjn6ioj9l0y

    Sea Of Tranquility Score - https://app.box.com/s/uwypd0siv10pgh46c6cltv52u6ia40ir

    On this piece I started with a rather long complex key shifting chord progression.. I created clarinet melody first. Because the chord progression was so complex, I cut and pasted two sections to repeat, to add continuity to the piece. In the repeat sections, I replayed some instruments, so you wouldn’t notice that it was a cut and paste job. I started with playing improvisations for the length of the piece. I eventually keep carving the improvisation lines into smaller sections. Replacing with other instruments and motifs. After a while I totaled removed the blocked piano chords I started with.

    I focused on finding interesting sounds (to me anyways), and worked out parts for them. As many keyboardists discover; when they come across an interesting patch on a synth keyboard, it inspires them to write a song using that patch. I searched thru my Kontakt and UVI libraries, found some unique sounds, and used them for individual parts.

    The bass part actually consists of three instruments. I found this wonderful contra Balaika library, and made it share bass duties with an electric bass, and an acoustic staccato Double Bass.

    Since the bulk of sounds are ‘imaginary instruments’.. I am struggle with the layout of them in the orchestral score. Melodies it seems obvious should be first, Then supporting lines, with bass and percussion parts at the bottom. To add to the confusion, I often kept the name of the patch, rather than try to categorize it to a traditional instrument name.. So to others, the terms of instruments are not very helpful I’m afraid. All the one stave instruments don’t have well defined pitch centers, many of these are more like sound design effects, rather than an instrument. (and also couldn’t fit all on page, with regular clef.

    Since the chord progression is constantly transposing, The Key Signature changes, but I don’t have the proper training to analyze that. I wanted the chord progression to be kind of changing, striving to find something, hence changing it’s mind. At first it was just too wandering, the brain couldn’t find enough coherency in it to stay interested. So I copied a large section (rewriting individual parts, so not so noticeable), then here and there I copied/pasted a few chunks to bring it closer to (not so far out)

    I did make use of the same melodic curve (motif) with some climbing variations of later notes, a recognizable pattern (to give continuity,) and a sense of stability (not just mindless wandering). The last track added was the mute trumpet solo, which I am very surprised and pleased with, in one take. I did a quick edit to remove note smudges.

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    Re: Sea Of Tranquility

    This is really cool. I also never heard of "Box" as a player!

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    Re: Sea Of Tranquility

    Hi Mark,

    What a fantastic mix. You're really a master at this. Such a clear performance with an expressive depth and beautifully sounding acoustic instruments. The composition is well constructed and orchestrated with a rich variety, bringing in some light jazzy elements. For sure a pleasing job and a sublime overal result!

    I had never expected until recently that I would be able to listen to music of that kind and quality here on the forum. What a rich family we are!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Sea Of Tranquility


    Another very interesting and well done piece of music. Your definitely based in the jazz genre but I can hear art pop influences among others. Experimental in nature, it’s not the easiest music to listen to with so many changes and all the different sounds coming and going but it’s a good for the mind. For me you manage to create a dream like world where different sounds and changes are abstract objects floating around in one’s mind.

    It’s quite unique!


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    Re: Sea Of Tranquility

    Thank you guys.. I have begun to realize, the way I'm approaching music in the last several years, is much like the way by brain likes to work.. I have always delighted in having a W I D E assortment of friends, often some exotic, and eccentric. Because it fascinated me they could be so different and function.. Often some of my friends, would tell me, they did not like some of my other friends. I find 'truth' in some very obvious conflicting viewpoints.

    For instance, when having a dream, we often completely abandon the laws of physics. You're talking to your mother, then realize, it really is a stranger you met on the train last week. But our brain does not reject it, or even stop to question it. Or we may be in a mountainous snowy geographical location, and then it transforms itself, into our grand mother's house.

    Our brain subconsciously accepts this, because we are 'dreaming'.. But if we were awake and this happened, it would mean we were on some really strong drugs, had gone crazy, or it was the end of the world.

    My current musical aspirations are to create a 'musical terrarium' where some of these seemingly totally unrelated elements, can fit together and not be a meaningless musical mess. Yes, it's experimental and somewhat not 'easy'..

    For the longest time, I couldn't stand jazz.. But eventually (30 years of playing music), I got somewhat interested in it, because of it's freedom of ignoring some standard more popular musical guideline; Or replacing them with much more complex musical rules, which conflict with earlier, stricter guideline.

    I like the 'no musical boundaries can box me in' attitude about it.

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    Re: Sea Of Tranquility

    Wow. Okay. Who are you? Really.

    This is excellent. It could have easily been used as a background piece in the film "Bladerunner."

    Smooth, mature, beautifully consistent. Restrained in its presentation, aggressive in its content. I wish I had heard this before we finished the films "The Vanguard," and "Area:98."

    In my opinion your should be shopping your music samples to producers and studios.


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    Re: Sea Of Tranquility

    Fascinating Mark. What a creativity you demonstrate here and what a sound picture you have developed. Truly amazing jazzy tune.


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    Re: Sea Of Tranquility

    Again, Mark, I must express my admiration for you on your brilliant approach to orchestration and instrumentation! Combining acoustic and synthesized sounds as you do results in leading this listener to wondrous worlds unknown! Fascinating and most enjoyable!

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