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Topic: Newer version of Play for EastWest libraries

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    Newer version of Play for EastWest libraries

    Thought I'd put a plug in here in case any of you use East/West libraries with Finale. EastWest recently updated their Play software. Unfortunately, if you do the update, the play_VST_x64.dll in your family VST folder is still going to be the older version, which makes the libraries completely unusable. You have to copy the newer play_VST_x64.dll into your VST folder. Find where that is located and copy it into Windows/Users/(Your Name)/AppData/Roaming/MakeMusic/Finale/VSTSupport. Hope this helps anyone who uses EastWest libraries.

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    Re: Newer version of Play for EastWest libraries

    I saw a note in the update about 'fixed hanging notes with wordbuilder on tempo change'. Is that finally addressing that bug that's been around for ages, which was my main annoyance with Symphonic Choirs, in that I had to maintain that constant tempo otherwise it would bug out?

    Maybe it's time to update, since I'm still on a fairly older version...
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: Newer version of Play for EastWest libraries

    After installing the new PLAY I lost all ability to use WordBuilder. I spent 4 years perfecting it to the point you could actually understanding the text as it was performed, now nothing. I did get the Word.dll and .exe in the correct folder, and everything except Choirs plays well again.

    Not only can I not use WordBuilder, but every time I write something for Choir, the notes hang up one by one; as if I had the sustain pedal down on a piano until it is a cacophony of noise all the way to the end.

    I have two help requests into NW, but so far no solution.

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