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Topic: "alice´s evidence" for piano solo

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    "alice´s evidence" for piano solo

    Here´s another piece I want to share with you. Please let me know your comments. Thanks


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    Re: "alice´s evidence" for piano solo

    Hola Raul,

    Beautiful piece.
    The melody is so nice, that it cries for a soprano singer. You could write some lyrics yourself. Any other comment I have that as a piano solo, it would need some dynamics, your playing is at one volume level through the piece.
    Again, it is very nice, come back soon

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    Re: "alice´s evidence" for piano solo

    Bonjour Paul,

    This is such a beautiful piece which you made sound like a real life performance through lots of smaller and major tempo changes. This invokes so much movement and dynamic that it gives the illusion that you were playing live. The only thing missing here is the volume dynamics, like Ted mentioned, to create more tension and emotion. The piece would certainly benefit from some more dynamic variation/contrast in building up the phrases.

    Well done!

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    Re: "alice´s evidence" for piano solo


    A very nice piano solo work and quite original within it’s genre.

    The only thing I think I heard that might be a technical issue was the left hand chords towards the end(2:45) could be a little too sustained.


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