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Topic: Serenade

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    For strings,flute,clarinet and oboe. Loads of pizzicato.

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    Re: Serenade

    Hello Ted,

    wonderful piece. Very fine theme and orchestration. I loved that flute. What a wonderful start of the day !



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    Re: Serenade

    Waw, Ted,

    I started my day with your Serenade and it made me forget all the cold and nasty winter feelings at once! Such a fragile lovely piece, so delicate and beautiful. Every single instrument has an equal part in this gem, contributing to the loveliness of the serenade. Some tunes stick in ones memory forever and this is such a piece. The small imperfections due to humanisation just make it perfect!

    Thanks a lot for posting this little jewell!


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    Re: Serenade

    Beautiful piece, relaxing. Now it is morning when I listen and I will certainly pick it up this evening again when I am in need for relaxing and calm music after a long day of focused work.
    Well done again, Ted.


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    Re: Serena

    Hi Ted,

    A soft and healing piece for me on my eighth day of a waining bout with the flu. Someday when I no longer share the responsibility of caring for my mother and her ranch maybe I can escape to the land of sunshine for a few months and avoid this.

    Nice work!


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