I\'ve got a strange problem that I\'m hoping someone could shed some light on. I have PC with Win98SE on it and when ever I install Giga LE I get intermittant graphics corruption on the start button on the task bar. Before I install GigaLE this NEVER happens but only happens afterward, before the GIGA install the system is 100% stable with no troubles at all. I have run Cakewalk PA 9, 3d games and various other apps with no sign of trouble. But the second Giga goes on, wham I get this problem. Also Giga doesn\'t have to be running for it to happen, I can boot up and suddenly I\'ll get the corruption. Giga only has to be installed to see it. Uninstalling Giga LE doesn\'t help either. I ran the system file checker and it indicates that the Giga install updates the two files wstream.dll and vwstream.vxd so I\'m guessing that it\'s either those files or a registry setting that is behind my troubles. Apart form the screwed up start button graphics there are no other symptoms, wierd isn\'t it? I would love to hear from anyone whose seen this before especially if you know how to solve it, thanks all!


Here\'s my sys config:
ASUS P5AB Rev 1.05
AMD K63 450
512 MB PC133 SDRAM
2 WD 40GB 7200 RPM Hard drives
ASUS GEForce2 MX (7100 series I think)
AWE64 Gold
MQX32m ISA Midi card
Sohoware PCI NIC
I also reccently installed an Korg OASYS but this hasn\'t effected the troubles one way or the other.