"Winter's Snow"... I have long held a soft spot in my musical heart for "Sleigh Ride", secretly hoping that someday I would be able write something as popular and have it played by pops orchestras around the globe.

This is probably not it.

I started with the idea that I might be able to pen a "homage" to both men behind the iconic Boston Pops recording- Arthur Fiedler and Leroy Anderson, who wrote "Sleigh Ride" in 1948. I wanted to call the original to mind, but not to simply "mimic" or copy the piece. The 70th anniversary of its release seemed to me to be a good time to try, and "Winter's Snow" is the result.

Originally I composed this in Print Music back about 2010 and in a very basic form it lay around my workspace ever since. This year, I felt I had finally come to place where I could lay out a close approximation of the Boston Pops in Finale/Aria using only Garritan instruments and proceed to the final step- take my rather simple piano melody and expand it out to a 62pce orchestra.

Hopefully, folks find the result pleasant, and just a little reminiscent of the original without actually coming off as a "copy".

Of course, now that it's "done", I see at least a dozen things I'd like to change about it, but for me, that's pretty much the way things are all the time.