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Topic: BIG!!! Shock

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    BIG!!! Shock


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    a few seconds ago
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    Post by Richard on a few seconds ago

    About an hour ago, my spouse handed me my phone with headphones in place, and started a streaming album for my listening. I was completely astounded. After about 3 seconds, I wondered who this person was, stealing my music!!!! That is what Dale thought when he brought me the music. Only once before have I heard such a similarity to my piano works, and that was a piece by Fred Zinos, who told me that he was attempting to emulate my style. He did a good job of it!

    This current piece was by a composer whose fame is known to me, but I have never before heard any of his music, although a comparison of my music to his has been made now and then. Now I see why. I have, for the past month or so, been reviewing my piano works, particularly to improve the notation and layout, and the Sibelius sound. In the process, I reacquainted myself with some of my favorites, which were very much on my mind when I heard my music! Or so it seemed, but was Philip Glass, and I am still in a state of shock!


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    Re: BIG!!! Shock

    A most honorable comparison.

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    Re: BIG!!! Shock

    Very nice.. I just looked over his CV... impressive. To be favorably compared with someone of Glass' stature is a nice little feather in one's cap!

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