I am new to gigastudio and am trying to understand the instrument editor. For instance, I want to use the Advanced Orchestra String Ensemble instruments to form one gig file that corresponds to the GM MIDI String Ensemble 1 instrument (instrument # 49 I believe).

So, when I look at my Contexant GM500 String Ensemble 1 gig in the editor I notice a simple directory structure. There are 2 folders. One called 049L and one called 049R. There is also velocity layers. I then open the violin section Advanced Orchestra file and its directory structure is quite vast. There are folders with names like 01 VI sustained f (G2-C6), 02 VI sustained f legato (G2-C6), etc, etc. And there doesn\'t appear to be velocity mapping.

Right now I am at a loss. GM MIDI string ensembles occupies notes A0-C8. Advanced Orchestra violin section occupies F3-D7. The control surface in gigastudio also shows keys marked in pink for Advanced Orchestra. Not sure what that means. Can someone help me make sense out of all this so I can do what I need to do?