Hello, greetings to all (sorry for double posting in midi forum here)
Are there at least still users of the music program "Musicator GS" or "Mcat 6" here in Scandinavia?
The most people of the world have changed to other sequencing Software. In germany nobody use this program anymore. Although Finale Allegro have fantastic features - it is a must for me to keep "Musicator GS" for a longer life. The simple reason is that I have created over 1000 files over the years 1992 - 2018. I love this programm and I need it for my profession. As piano and keyboard teacher I need almost every day the wonderful transcription abilities with which I can write and layout printable scores in short time! Also for bands I found no other software with multitrack functions AND individual track layouts AND independent midi processings. Perhaps they are available, but I refuse to lay down my "beloved toolbox" to pick up a new one with everything takes longer. Besides, it is an unacceptable work to save over 1000 mct-files as raw midifiles (without score layouts!) and import them in another software to begin with the layout from scratch.
That's why I'm looking for those affected musicians who have the same problem as me.
Perhaps you know, that "Musicator GS" was built /created and improved over years from the one and only Jo Brodtkorb from norway. But let's have a look to his website... no support anymore since 2004. Of course I could download the offered "Mcat 6" for 199 € but can I hope for support then? Unsure!
So, long words short questions:
1.) Have anyone made good experiences with this software "Mcat 6" ? Stable under windows 8 ?
2.) Has anyone managed to build a dual boot system under Windows 8 with a running Windows XP AND can print his scores on modern printers?

Kind regards to the northern world