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Topic: Hello every one - and Happy new year

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    Battle in the Boat

    hello all

    I wish you a happy new year and present you this first composition of 2018


    Laurent Koleda

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    Re: Hello every one - and Happy new year

    It's a nice composition, nice and thrilling! It definitely brings about the feeling of battle, I like it. Thanks for sharing.


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    Re: Hello every one - and Happy new year

    thank you so much Richard for your feedback :-)

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    Re: Hello every one - and Happy new year

    Hi Laurent,

    Although I'm normally not so fond of the so called 'epic' genre or cinematographic music, I could really enjoy your battle piece because of its nice construction, very good sound and acoustic. It made me curious and I explored your other pieces a bit on Soundcloud. There are some very fine compositions there. What instrument libraries do you use?

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: Hello evjhery one - and Happy new year

    A tasteful and quite professional sounding soundtrack composition. I imagined there was a lull, possibly with dialog at one point. This would add much excitement to many action senerios.

    I suppose sound track music is about the only venue now-a-days for many people, especially younger ones, to be exposed to something having to do with classical music.


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    Re: Hello every one - and Happy new year

    Hello Jos and Phil and tank you for your listening and answer,

    yes, certainly the soundtrack it's a good way for inspiring the younger to listen classical music.
    its still important to listen the "old" composers, going to the concert, listen live music.

    i use mainly :

    Symphobia, Lass, Berlin Strings.
    Brass : Cinebrass, Kurt Hunter.
    Woodwind : old vitous, and various ( I am yet poor in woodwinds )
    Perc : Hz01 (spitfire), ProjetSam

    I think to try to reccord this piece with a true orchesta, hmm... it's my wish :-)


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    Re: Hello every one - and Happy new year

    Good. Keep on the drive to make the music shine. I am not focussed upon "epic" sounds but this is really wonderful. Not overdone, just keeping the "moderate" reverb all the way to the end, marvellous. I enjoyed this piece !!


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    Re: Hello every one - my last " Battle in the Boat "

    Hello and Thank you Raymond for your words

    hmm, yes I agree, the reverb its a good think, but sometimes too often, can also become an enemy. :-)


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