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Topic: It Still Hurts...

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    Re: It Still Hurts...

    Many of us have felt anguish at the loss of others, even of pets and of seeing others face their own demons and loss. It is never an easy moment to quell. Your music touches that tender part of our souls and in its own way makes the path less bitter. Thank you for that.

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    Re: It Still Hurts...

    Thank you Owen and Tom for listening to the composition and for the comments.


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    Re: It Still Hurts...

    Wow you really got a grasp on this genre of music.. It is profound.. I have lost many, many people in my life.. Some days,
    I feel what is the point of going on.. I never married, don't have a significant other, no kids.. In a way, I important to no one. Other days I understand our duty is to continue living life, trying to do good.. It is our duty.

    Music like this captures, the pensive quality of life, and is important to reflect on it.. Actually at 69, I get it more now, than 10 years ago.. Once needs to look for purpose, and set goals to keep going.. Whether you have children to carry your name on, is really not that important.. It's what one does here wile on this planet be it 10 years or 100


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    Re: It Still Hurts...

    Thank you for the comment and for listening to the composition.


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