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Topic: 6 Short piano pieces, Op. 15

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    6 Short piano pieces, Op. 15

    Hello friends,

    I worked hard to get those first 6 of a series of 12, ready for New Years Eve.
    I can tell you about this project, but I too hate talking about music. Listening is the best experience.

    With these I wish you a very prosperous new year for you, family and friends.
    On Box.com you'll find the key of every piece.

    1. a bit Vivace
    2. Moderato - Waltz
    3. Moderato
    4. Allegro - Scherzando (presented before)
    5. Allegro - Senza Ped.
    6. Allegro ma non tanto (titled: "Little Etude".


    Greetings and see you next year,


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    Re: 6 Short piano pieces, Op. 15

    Very nice indeed. No 3 is my favorite. I think you need to order them correctly. Now you have put the 4 quick ones to start with but one needs a slow one in between. Actually I think an Andante or Adagio as a contrast could enrich the experience of these brilliant compositions.
    Happy new year Raymond.


    PS I note how similar our languages are from the title of your Opus.

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    Re: 6 Short piano pieces, Op. 15

    Hi Raymond,

    After the very busy Xmas days and the illness, I finally found some quiet time to sit and listen. I had heard some pieces before, but now I took the time to hear them one by one. It would be very tempting to analyse or compare them, but I won't do that. The little pieces are so beautiful that picking one favourite out of the rest would diminish the musical value of the other marvels.
    Indeed, you put down quite an achievement as to musicality, playability, amusement, joy, technique, styles... I've said it before, you must be (have been) a real piano master to be capable of realising such a composition, because they seem designed as 'studies', but in fact they are small concert pieces (to please aunts and uncles at New Year's Eve ) that are a true caress for the ears of all the listeners. You've used many styles and techniques, which make the series so varied an rich, so interesting to a broad audience and so accessible for minor gods. It's not so hard to find virtuosic pieces with a degree of difficulty that scares off most young pianists, but these pieces are simply an invitation and a reward for accomplished efforts to all students.

    So far you've done a great job. I can't wait to hear the rest.

    Happy New Year!
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: 6 Short piano pieces, Op. 15

    Now for the "oliebollen"........ sweet fritters.


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    Re: 6 Short piano pieces, Op. 15

    I suppose that is Holland's oldest and most respected tradition? For some obscure reason, that is totally unknown in the neighbouring country, Flanders. We tend to eat the whole evening until hours past midnight the most exquisite dishes which we normally never eat. A real feast for hobby chefs and the invitees. The day after is usually not the best day of the year... But the Vienna New Year's Concert makes it all up.

    Happy New Year again!
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: 6 Short piano pieces, Op. 15

    Greetings Raymond, had a lovely time listening, my favored one is G, but all of them are a delight.


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