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Topic: Richard Strauss

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    Re: Richard Strauss

    As told before, I deleted the link to Richard Strauss. Copyrighted material, you know.


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    Re: Richard Strauss

    Quote Originally Posted by tedvanya View Post
    This is not very Xmas music, but I am for the past four months floored by the Four Last Songs of Strauss, and I thought some of you did not hear them, or if you did it was a long ago and you may enjoy it again.
    If you are willing to listen (Renee Fleming, Eischenbach and Munchen) learn from this master how he handles a melody.
    It is over 9 minutes, so try it only if you have time. Nobody can listen and not squeeze out a tear on this beauty. This is the last of the four, "Abendrot" , Evening red.


    Hello Ted,

    after a long while I am back to this forum. I did have lots on my plate these past months, moving and job change. Now I think I settled in a bit, and I hope I can devote again more time to music.

    I wanted to listen to this Strauss "Abendrot", but it was gone from the BOX folder...
    so I searched a bit, and found it here:


    Copyright issues will be dealt with by YouTube, so no worries here


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    Re: Richard Strauss

    Dear Ted, the "Abendrot" from R. Strauss for many years has been one of the most beautiful music I know. I wish Strauss had written more of this kind. Only in the Opera "Arabella" , I think, there a 2 arias/duett which come close to that...

    I would love to listen to your rendition but unfortuneately it isn't available anymore... Could you check it? Thank you!!



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    Re: Richard Strauss

    Hello Gerd, please use the address just ahead your answer and enjoy the video of Abendrot...
    Take a look of the comments. I thought I am the only crying man of this music, it is wonderful to see that I am not alone...


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