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Topic: 14 Years of Glorious Music!

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    14 Years of Glorious Music!

    After enjoying this community's newest Christmas release, I am reflecting on every one of those over the past 14 years! Wonderful, wonderful work, people! I am so thankful for all you have done! May this offering from my own collection of carols serve to further brighten these precious and fleeting days of Christmas!


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    Re: 14 Years of Glorious Music!

    Very impressive.. When the material is good, and it's then arranged and orchestrated for a large group. It adds a great deal to the performance.. The visible grandeur of it inspires alone.

    This is magnificent.

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    Re: 14 Years of Glorious Music!

    Magnificent. It shouts out positiveness.


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    Re: 14 Years of Glorious Music!

    Hi Sean,

    You've put it so well: this is a unique forum with mainly positive people, giving their best to present us, the audience, all kinds of lovely pieces in all kinds of musical levels and styles. That makes it unique, everybody is welcome. If there is a word of criticism, it's always positive and constructive, so that we all may learn from it.

    I'm not such a longtime member, but I still remember the glorious days when Randy Bowser generously helped everybody with very professional and clear hints to improve sound and composition. This is absolutely unique. I'm on 2 other forums where criticism is often high hearted and denigrating, where arrogance and hauteur are very common, where fierce disputes and conflict are in many topics the rule... In short, a bunch of egos forcing themselves up the row of 'better' composers. I've never seen such behaviour here. Sometimes the activity is a bit low, but that's pretty normal, because we're dealing with mainly amateurs (in the true sense of the word) here. All music lovers who welcome various styles, instrumentations, techniques. Let us praise ourselves to be part of such a nice community. Very rare in this world full of selfishness and aggression.

    Your piece is the very proof of what I'm saying here. A hymn to peace and understanding, to musicality and aesthetics in a beautiful orchestration with the proper grandeur for the time of the year!

    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: 14 Years of Glorious Music!

    A very respectful tribute to the glory of christmas with a lot of musically interesting details in a powerful arrangement forming a sacred and inspiring mood. Thank you Sean and happy new year.


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