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Topic: "eyes 2"

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    "eyes 2"

    I want to share my last piece. I wish you like it and hearing your comments. Thanks


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    Re: "eyes 2"

    Hola Raul,


    Your music is interesting in every way, telling a story.
    It could well be used as a soundtrack of a movie.

    Looking forward to hearing more of your music.

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: "eyes 2"

    Very beautiful. Great orchestration too. My suggestion would be to cut the volume back on the piano cords in the earlier part. It is great there where you use it, just it is too close to the audience.
    I welcome you here, I do not remember hearing your work before, so it is a nice gift for me, thanks and hope you'll give us some more of your work.

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    Re: "eyes 2"

    Hi Raul,
    and welcome to the forum. Your piece is beautiful and romantic, very peaceful and relaxing. There are some brave sudden changes with introduction of new instruments which I find successful and interesting. I look forward to hear more of your music.

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    Re: "eyes 2"

    A very striking piece. Well orchestrated. Transitions and cuts to different sections extremely well done. Musically totally excellent.

    From a technical view point.. The piano level could be a bit softer. I assume there were some different libraries.

    The room acoustics are of of what I assume are be from different libraries, so the 'acoustic space' the piece takes in is a bit surrealistic. Although other listeners, might not notice, consider, it.

    You have your brighter instruments on left, and darker instruments on right, making the piece kind of tilt left..

    Perhaps if you could use a plug-in to spread the stereo field of strings. and pan/widen the darker instruments, possibly put a bit of excitement or hi end on them. to make the instruments appear to be coming from a more uniform sonic stage..

    May or may not work.. Ultimately you decide.

    I use a fair amount of untraditional music, and I purpose 'screw up the room acoustics' just for a subconscious, 'read in between the lines'. But since I'm not using traditional instruments, I don't feel so bound to 'nature'.

    From the formality/ and style of your composition/ and arrangement, you might have to consider that aspect..

    But again, that is your decision.

    Welcome, can't wait to hear more. Tell us a bit about yourself, how you got to this musical point in your life. I find it fascinating to read the path each of us has taken, to get here at NorthernSounds,

    Mark Styles (angelonyc)

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    Re: "eyes 2"

    thanks very much for your comments. This is the version on piano solo

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    Re: "eyes 2"

    Very nice piece and as said by others, it may improve if you spread the high strings a bit. Often I use this setup:

    Violins 1 left / Violins 2 Right / Violas Right / Celli Left / Basses middle (bit to the right).

    But that is more for chamber orchestras, so it is up to you what you decide.


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    Re: "eyes 2"

    Hi Raul,

    Welcome in the NS-community.

    As a start, you've presented a very interesting piece her, orchestrated very well. That should be an invitation for more...

    The recording isn't quite as it could be, but never disturbing although it could benefit from the hints given by other members. You have a nice depth, but at the cost of brightness. Mainly the lower instruments suffer from it. Reverb is one thing, early reflections another. Trying both in the exact dosis can give a surprising result. It's hard to tell how it should be, you have to do that in your own mix with your preferences. But you should make your final mix with monitors and not with headphones. Headphones tend to give a rich stereo field (unnaturally broad) that ends up in split sections of instruments in reality (which you have now with the front strings.
    The sound of the oboe is delicious!

    Thanks for sharing this marvellous piece and hopefully there will be more soon,


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    Re: "eyes 2"

    Following most of you your recommendations I´ve changed some things: less presence of the piano at the beginning, lower percussion, strings less panned to the left, more dynamics... let me know if now is better, I´m beginning to feel crazy. Thanks again


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    Re: "eyes 2"

    Paul, every composer is a bit crazy, so you are not alone. It is much, much better. The strings at about 3.10, where the full strings jump in, are a bit far away in comparison with the previous parts of this piece. I may be wrong about it.
    You managed to make it a mature composition and rendering. Congratulations.



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