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Topic: GS on W2K

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    GS on W2K

    Tascam claims the W2K version is due for end september.

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    Re: GS on W2K

    Is this a new version or an update to GigaStudio?

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    Re: GS on W2K

    Is should be a complete rework.
    They\'ve sure taken their time.
    Let\'s hope it\'s worth it.

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    Re: GS on W2K

    Is this true? Does anyone know if the update will work with Windows XP Home Edition or Professional? Will this be a free update for current users of GS?


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    Re: GS on W2K

    Should work with both.

    For the purist: an XPlite will be part of the upcoming 2000lite. There will also be an IEradicator 2000. All this to eliminate the clutter not essential to a pure GSXP box. (http://www.98lite.net/)

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