Hi Phil

Have you tried to open the recorded wave/AIF-file in your DAW as an audio file? There you should see the distorted tops (in red or yellow) of the overpowered sections. No use to try to correct them there since they are already recorded. It could be an indication of where and what went wrong. To finalise a recording in your DAW, start with the neutral midi data and add a little bit of limiter in the master (don't forget to give the limiter some headroom (-0.2 dB) for peaks. When bouncing to audio, add some dither (from 32 bit to 16 bit). That is the way to get a CD quality. Higher bit rates are only for working with the utmost qualities of your sound libraries (and most don't go higher than 32, which is far enough! When higher you risk importing all kinds of noises when the samples are not up to it).

I hope this might help you.