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Topic: Realitone releases "Screaming Trumpet - Featuring Wayne Bergeron"

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    Realitone releases "Screaming Trumpet - Featuring Wayne Bergeron"

    Realitone is releasing Screaming Trumpet featuring Wayne Bergeron. Wayne is the lead trumpet player on all sorts of records and scores. I think he did "The Incredibles," for instance. Wayne is the guy when it comes to lead trumpet, and Screaming Trumpet captures his amazing tone.

    The library features 8 sustain articulations, 20 start/attack articulations, and 27 release articulations. Our intuitive interface makes accessing these articulations easy, so you can play authentic sounding trumpet melodies and riffs on the fly. Check out this walkthrough video below to hear and see exactly what Screaming Trumpet can do.

    Price is $149, but for a limited introductory period, we are off offering Screaming Trumpet (Kontakt) for just $99! Visit us at http://realitone.com/screaming-trumpet/ for more info.


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    Re: Realitone releases "Screaming Trumpet - Featuring Wayne Bergeron"

    By popular demand (No, really! People asked us for this!) we've updated Screaming Trumpet to include an Expression slider, controllable by any knob/slider/pedal from your MIDI controller. Not just a volume control, the slider matches timbres of various dynamic levels.

    Like all Realitone updates, this update is free. Emails will be sent to existing customers. So there!

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    Re: Realitone releases "Screaming Trumpet - Featuring Wayne Bergeron"

    that sounds awesome. are they going to perform any when soon and in the New York vicinity? would love to attend such a performance, especially now when i have time after passing all the exams and getting paycheck from hireessaywriter.org..

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    Cảm ơn bác , cho em xin thêm thông tin thêm vo inbox ạ

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